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· price includes one seed plate, every extra seed plate is charged 60€ extra (including VAT)
· top acrylic seed plates are interchangeable and range from 1,5mm to 4mm for various types of seeds
· bottom acrylic plate is fixed, 5 mm thick
· frame made of lightweight aluminum alloy

We make Tray Seeders for each individual request. Thanks to CNC technology and parametric design we are able to manufacture any type of Tray Seeder. Maximum manufacturing time is 15 work days.

1. Scroll down and find the type of tray that you are using. Can’t find your tray in the spreadsheet? No problem, you can measure it yourself, here’s a video how to measure it:

2. Decide what type of seed you want to use with our Tray Seeder. Scroll down and find the matching seed plate that you want to use.

3. Place an order. In the “Order notes” section, please write what type of tray you are using and what type of seed plate you need. Also if you want to order multiple seed plates please write it in the order notes and we will get back to you with the updated price.

4. While patiently waiting for your Tray Seeder to be manufactured, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.





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