Single Wheel Hoe


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· swing hoe included
· width of the tool – 20 cm, adjustable height
· blade is made of high quality spring steel with a sharpened edge
· interchangeable tools (more tools coming soon!)
· tool attachment system compatible with other popular wheel hoe brands
· ergonomic handles
· finish: zinc coat applied by galvanizing
· wheel: heavy duty cart wheel – 26cm diameter
· can be retrofitted with a 12″ bike wheel for higher clearance

Wheel hoe is a tool that makes weeding a pleasure instead of a chore! Get ready to say goodbye to back pain and knee pain because wheel hoe is ergonomically designed to work with gardeners musculoskeletal system and not against it. Also we made ergonomic handles that are easier on the hands.

It was invented in the 19th century by Jethro Tull – not the psychedelic rock band, but British agriculturalist and inventor who also invented the seed drill and the horse drawn hoe. His innovation became popular because it made gardening easier and more efficient. Today the wheel hoe is a standard part of any serious gardener’s arsenal.

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