We can provide custom laser cut metal parts for your projects. Feel free to upload your designs and we will send you a quote.

We deliver smaller sized laser cut parts to EU + UK countries via post. For larger parts and bigger quantities there is an option of shipping via a logistics company. The parts are delivered on a palette to your address. The exact price of shipping will be expressed on your quotation. Also you can check pricing here.

The pricing for laser cutting service  is calculated as a function of time that a machine spends to cut the part.

Default materials are mild steel and stainless steel, but if you need a part cut from some other metal, please get in touch with us.

Part dimensions are limited by shipping method. For smaller parts that are sent through mail, maximum part size is 600×500 mm and if you need larger parts that will be sent via a logistics company on a palette, maximum size is 1200×800 mm

Upload your designs and request a quote